Pricing and Packages for the 2012 Skydiving Season:

Basic Tandem Package
-Includes Training, Equipment, Instructor and Airplane!
Media Option: High Definition Digital Video of your jump!
Media Option: High Resolution Digitial Still Pictures of your jump!
Media Option: Both High Definition Options
save $20!


Deposits are $25 per person jumping.

Deposits are to hold a spot on our schedule and reserve a time for your jump.

Deposits are completely refundable only after two consecutive reschedules due to weather or fault of Skydive Inc. Rescheduling of the skydive by the jumper does not count towards this.

Deposits are not refundable if you back out on your scheduled time without enough notice, so make sure you have an accurate count of people able to jump before reserving your date and time. Failure of the jumper(s) to show on the scheduled date/time or to reschedule more than 5 days in advance may result in forfeiture of the deposit.

Group Discounts:

Groups of 6-10 save $15 per person
Groups of 11+ save $25 per person

  • A full group deposit must be paid at the time of booking.
  • Student Skydive Training Pricing and Packages:

    Tandem Training Skydive
    Ground School Training Package
    -includes 4-5 hours of instruction, S.I.M., logbook and IAD skydive
    IAD Jumps (typically jumps# 4&5)
    Freefall Jumps (typically jumps# 6-16)
    Student Refresher Course
    Coach Jumps
    FREE! (you just pay for the coach's slot)