Tandem Skydive Training

A Tandem Training skydive is your first step and is the easiest and safest way to experience the thrill of skydiving. The Tandem Training jump will introduce you to the exciting world of skydiving. Before your jump you are paired with an experienced and certified Tandem Instructor. Your Tandem Instructor will spend about 10-15 minutes with you training and preparing you for your jump. You will learn the sequence of the jump, the equipment you will be using, the exit from the plane and the best way to fall through the air at 120 MPH!

Once you are fully trained for your jump by the Tandem Instructor and all your questions have been answered they will assist you with putting on your gear. After you are safely geared up, the two of you will board the plane and you will have a leisurely and scenic 20 minute plane ride up to 10,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL). Before your exit, the Tandem Instructor will securely fasten your jump harness to theirs and ensure that all the gear is in place, secure and ready for the jump.

When the door of the plane opens, the excitement really starts! You and your instructor will proceed to climb OUTSIDE the airplane and position yourselves looking down at the ground 10,000 feet below you and begin the count of; READY, SET, GO! At this point you exit the airplane, achieve a stable body position, and accelerate to around 120MPH.

Once your descent through the air reaches approximately 5000 feet, you will deploy your main canopy to slow your fall rate and will then be treated to 5-7 minutes of peaceful and scenic canopy ride to the ground. During this time you will be able to talk to each other and to sightsee the area around you. Lake Michigan is usually visible and makes a great view from several thousand feet in the air!

Video Services

We highly recommend getting a video of your skydive. Capture the moment forever and be able to relive it over and over with a DVD custom made of your skydive experience. For the ultimate in first hand, in-your-face video excitement, we have a special hand mounted video camera we can use to capture the thrill of your jump from your perspective. Our highly trained and certified Tandem Instructors will film your entire jump with this specially designed, state of the art digital video setup mounted on their hand and will utilize this to transform your experience into a dynamic DVD music video for you to take home.

As an additional option, we also have experienced skydive videographers on staff that can film or photograph your entire skydive experience. They will film everything from you getting geared up, the plane ride up, all the way through your free fall and then capture you and your canopy landing back on the ground. They will take the high quality digital photographs and put them on a CD for you to print out as you see fit.

No matter which video option you choose, we will edit the film footage into an adrenaline packed music video that you can take with you that day to show your friends and family when they ask you, "So, what did you do today?"

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I schedule a jump?
You should call (269) 998-7747 to schedule a date and time for your jump and our staff will set up an appointment for you or your group.
What are the requirements for a Tandem Training Jump?
You must be in good physical condition with no medical issues and at least 18 years of age on or before your jump.
What is the weight limit for doing a Tandem Training Jump?
You must be height/weight proportionate and weigh less than 250 Lbs.
What should I wear for my jump?
You should dress appropriately for the weather in loose comfortable clothes. You should wear comfortable lace up shoes; no heels or slip on shoes.
How does the weather affect my jump?
Skydiving is very weather dependant and the first thing you learn is NOT to believe the weather forecast if it is more than a day in advance. We wait until the day of your jump to make a weather call. If you are worried about the weather, give us a call a few hours before you drive out. Weather can vary greatly within a distance of 30 miles, so although it may be bad weather where you are, we may have perfect weather. If you call we can update you on the current weather conditions and if necessary reschedule your jump for a different date. If we have to reschedule, you will not lose any deposit you have put down, it will be transferred to the next available date of your choice.
Do you offer group discounts?
Yes! We offer discounts for groups of 6 or more. Groups of 6-10 can save each person $15 and groups of 11+ can save each person $25! A 50% deposit must be made at time of booking to recieve discount pricing.
How far in advance do I need to schedule?
That all depends on how full our schedule is, if we don't have a full schedule you can call in the morning and jump in the afternoon but if our schedule is full then you may have to make your appointment several weeks in advance. It is a good idea to lock in a date that's best for you as early as you can.
Should I eat or drink before my jump?
You should eat a regular light meal before your jump and make sure to stay hydrated. You should not however consume any drugs or alcohol prior to your jump. If we feel you are impaired by any alcohol or drugs you will not be allowed to jump!
Can my mom take pictures of me?
Absolutely! We encourage you to bring others with you to share your experience and they are more than welcome to take pictures and video you while you are on the ground. Pictures and video of you in the plane and in freefall are also available if you opt to get one of our video packages to capture the excitement of your jump.
How many of us can go up in the plane at the same time?
The jump plane is a Cessna 182 specially configured for skydiving and can hold a pilot and four jumpers. We can take up to two Tandem jumpers at a time.
How can I pay for my jump?
We accept cash and Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express for payments. We will accept personal checks but only on a case-by-case basis so call first.
I want to surprise someone with a Tandem Training Jump; do you have gift certificates available?
Of course we do. We have gift certificates for all our services and packages and for any amount. Call us and we will arrange a gift certificate for you!
Can I make a Tandem Training Jump during the week?
If for some reason you can not make it out on a weekend we do have the possibility to schedule your jump during the week. This is subject to Pilot and Instructor availability and requires a deposit and at least two jumpers.